"E" Series Extruded Louvre

ERD is an extruded Single Bank Louvre System designed for applications requiring ventilation with a good degree of rain defence.

Product information

Performance specification

The louvre system achieves minimum performance coefficients (Cv) of 0.30 (inlet) and 0.29 (extract). These have been established as the result of full-scale wind tunnel tests.

The louvre system achieves the following weathering classification when tested against the EN 13030: 2001 standard (method of test for water rejection performance of louvres subjected to simulated rainfall):

  • Class A2 - up to 0m/s suction velocity
  • Class B2 - up to 1.5m/s suction velocity
  • Class C2 - up to 2.0m/s suction velocity
  • Class D2 - up to 3.5m/s suction velocity



All principal components manufactured from high quality corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.

Blade pitch and angle

Blade pitch and angle: 75mm at 45°

Number of louvre banks

1 (Single bank)

Special Features

Louvre blades shall be roll-formed to an aerodynamically efficient profile and clipped to concealed structural supporting mullions rather than riveted or screwed, to allow for thermal expansion without distortion along their length.

Mullions shall be concealed at maximum 1250mm centres and their points of support along their length shall be in accordance with prevailing site wind pressures (as calculated and specified by a structural engineer) in accordance with BS 6399 Pt. 2. Mullions will be manufactured from 2mm sheet so that the associated supporting steelwork is kept to a minimum.


The louvre system shall achieve a minimum performance coefficient (Cv) of 0.30 (inlet), 0.29 (extract).

The louvre system shall achieve the following weathering effectiveness when tested at all velocities to EN 13030: 2001:

Class A2 - up to 0m/s suction velocity
Class B2 - up to 1.5m/s suction velocity
Class C2 - up to 2.0m/s suction velocity
Class D2 - up to 3.5m/s suction velocity.

Decorative Finish [SELECT]

  • Mill finish (Aluminium)
  • Stoved Polyester powder
  • Anodised

Coverage [SELECT]:

  • Total coverage: - All exposed surfaces and edges of components and assemblies are coated, excluding fixings and rivets, i.e. the insides of hollow sections will be protected.
  • Partial coverage: - Only external louvre blades, frames, corners and sills are coated, the remaining components are mill finish.

Ancillary items [SELECT]:

  • Doors
    • Visible frame double door
    • Visible frame single door
    • Concealed frame double door
    • Concealed frame single door
  • Turret Units, Circular and Triangular Panels

Please refer to Colt International for further information.

Birdguard [SELECT]

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised
  • Stainless Steel

Insect Mesh [SELECT]

Aluminium Woven mesh wire treated coloured charcoal grey.

With Insect Mesh, the design should allow for additional resistance to airflow and reduced flow rate performance.

Blanking Panels [SELECT]

  • Single Skin Aluminium (uninsulated) mill finish
  • Single Skin Aluminium (uninsulated) with external decorative polyester powder paint finish to match louvres.
  • Insulated extruded polystyrene 50mm thick in LB Styrofoam or equivalent.
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