Design support and problem solving from Colt

Architects, contractors, consultants and developers: you can count on Colt’s expert design advice should you need it.

We can work with you to help you unlock your building’s potential for energy efficiency, ensure fire safety and create architectural impact.

Design advice and problem solving

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of technologies and techniques across a wide spectrum. We have the experience to advise architects and consultants on the best combination of products and systems to achieve the desired effect and performance.

Free webinars deliver value to our customers

Colt’s webinars (short on-line seminars) on hot industry topics have become an increasingly popular avenue for people to find out more about a wide range of subjects without having to leave their desks.

A webinar is intended to be akin to a virtual workshop, designed not to waste your time but to add value to you and your organisation.

We have a calendar of upcoming live webinars which you can register to attend. These events usually take place once a month, on a Friday lunchtime. The calendar page on Colt’s UK website gives you an overview of the topics offered.

All of our presentations are available to view online as recorded webinars, which enable you to claim CPD points.

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