• Smoke control

Colt smoke control systems: creating a safe environment

The full benefits of a well-designed Colt system

Colt pioneered the science of smoke control and has been a major contributor to the research on the behaviour of smoke and fires since the 1950s.

You can count on Colt to provide a well-designed smoke control system that:

  • protects the building’s occupiers
  • keeps escape and access routes free from smoke
  • facilitates fire-fighting operations
  • delays or prevents flashover, reducing the risk of the fire developing further
  • protects the contents of the building
  • reduces risk of damage to the building.

Read more about why you should turn to Colt to supply your smoke control system.

The components of smoke control systems

Smoke control systems can include powered and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, smoke containment, car park ventilation, shaft ventilation and pressurisation systems

Components (smoke ventilators, smoke barriers, smoke ducts, smoke dampers, inlet ventilators, etc.) should comply with the BS EN 12101 series of standards where these apply. Download our EN 12101 test parameters and results datasheet for more information.

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