Defender F motorised smoke shaft ventilator

Defender F is a fire rated motorised ventilator which controls the movement of smoke as part of a ventilation system.

Defender F has been specifically designed for use within mechanical shaft ventilation applications. This fire rated ventilator is ideally suited to the ColtShaft system, and can be controlled as part of the shaft system network.

It offers a fire rated construction equivalent to that of an E30Sa door as required by:

- Approved Document B for smoke ventilation of common corridors in residential developments

- BS 9999: 2008 for smoke ventilation in fire fighting shafts.

Features and benefits

  • Mild steel construction
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Double steel system to control air leakage in ambient and fire conditions
  • Fire rated to provide equivalent performance to an FD30Sa door
  • Tested to BS EN 1634 parts 1 & 3 (fire resistance tests for door and shutter assemblies)
  • Motor release from the corridor/lobby side to ease maintenance.

Defender F has been designed for ease of installation and maintenance without having to gain access to the shaft.

Motors are 230Vac only and are operated using a maintained supply from the fan control panel. The unit is complete with a 1.8m flying lead.

Standard width is 630mm wide x 1350mm wide (structural opening).

Standard finish is white RAL 9010 matt, satin or gloss. Other colours are available on request. Defender F is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend in with the surroundings.

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