Ilac Centre

The Ilac Centre is a newly refurbished shopping centre located in the heart of Dublin. The centre is home to a huge number of shops spread over several single level malls.

Colt was required to design a system to provide both means-of-escape and day to day ventilation for all areas of the Centre on the basis of a report from the Fire Consultant.

As part of the system design, Colt carried out CFD analysis on the building which concluded that due to adverse wind conditions, mechanical smoke extract by exhaust fans would be the best option for one of the zones. The other zones could be naturally ventilated. Therefore Colt designed and provided a scheme of both natural and mechanical ventilation.

Colt provided mechanical extract fans and Seefire natural louvered ventilators. Compartmentation between the zones has been achieved by a series of Smokemaster smoke curtains which drop on the receipt of a fire signal.

All of the equipment is controlled by a Colt OPV control system. Colt OPV (One Per Vent) is an intelligent electronic control system that enables all addressable equipment to be integrated within a total smoke control system. Offering flexibility, addressability, monitoring and diagnostics, OPV conforms to the latest standards and provides accurate and complete central control with low maintenance and minimal power requirements.

Project details
  • Location: Dublin
  • Contractor: G&T Crampton Ltd
  • Consultant: Capita Symonds
  • Architect: Benoy
  • Fire Consultant: Michael Slattery & Associates
Products used
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