Jetlands Shopping Centre

Jetlands shopping centre is located in the city of Limerick offering a wide range of stores and restaurants.
Colt designed a system to ventilate two smoke reservoirs which incorporates Meteor natural ventilators and Smokemaster automatic drop smoke curtains. These provide a clear layer for means-of-escape in the event of a fire.

Colt's Smokemaster smoke curtains have to be manufactured in nine individual sections owing to the curved structure of the roof. In its normal position the smoke curtains are out of view, however on receipt of a signal from the fire protection alarm system, the curtains automatically descends forming two smoke reservoirs. The smoke in each reservoir is then automatically extracted via Meteor ventilators in the roof.

All of the equipment is controlled by a Colt OPV control system. Colt OPV (One Per Vent) is an intelligent electronic control system that enables all addressable equipment to be integrated within a total smoke control system. Offering flexibility, addressability, monitoring and diagnostics, OPV conforms to the latest standards and provides accurate and complete central control with low maintenance and minimal power requirements.

Project details
  • Location: Limerick
  • Architect: Oppermann Associates
  • Contractor: John Sisk
  • Consultant: PMC Partnership
  • Fire Consultant: Michael Slattery & Associates
Products used
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