Mechanical smoke extraction system

Mechanical smoke extraction systems can provide higher duties than the Liberator can offer. These can comprise extract ductwork, fans and terminations.

Many projects require a mechanical smoke extraction system that is outside of the standard Liberator (powered smoke extract ventilator) range, either in terms of the extract rate required, or the pressure drop of the system through which the fan is extracting.

Depending on the scope required, Colt is able to provide:

  • Extract ductwork, including grilles, volume control dampers, shut-off dampers, bends and transitions.
  • Mechanical extract fan and motor assemblies to suit the required duty, temperature rating and system resistance of ductwork, etc. These include long case, short case and plate mounted axial fans.
  • Weathered external terminations, including louvres, dampers, turrets, gravity shutters, cowls and motorised ventilators such as the Seefire and Meteor (day to day and smoke ventilation).
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