Omnipark Shopping Centre

In a second phase of development of this shopping centre, Colt provided a smoke control scheme, which consisted of pneumatic Seefire ventilators linked to a central control system. These have translucent blades to maximise daylight entry, and provide fire protection for the malls, fire escape routes and stock rooms.

Seefire is classed as a dual purpose ventilator, providing both day to day and smoke control ventilation. Polycarbonate and glass versions allow the entry of natural daylight. EN Seefire is also often used as a termination piece for large ducted or air handling systems. There are pneumatic, electronic or hand controls and a wide range of louvre types, accessories and finishes.

Seefire is a natural louvred ventilator that is available in a wide range of sizes, louvre options and control options. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings and can provide both day to day and smoke ventilation, as well as permit the entry of natural daylight if fitted with glass or polycarbonate blades.

Project details
  • Location: County Wicklow
  • Main Contractor: G & T Crampton
  • Architects: Keane Murphy Duff
  • M&E Consultant: VMRA
Products used
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