Seacroft Apartments

Seacroft is a luxury six storey apartment block situated on the coast of Galway.
The Colt Shaft provides ventilation of fire fighting lobbies in multi storey buildings. It is a mechanical system which provides equivalent or improved smoke extraction performance compared to a standard shaft, but requiring a smaller area of shaft.

One key feature of the Colt Shaft is that when lobby doors are closed, the ventilation rate is reduced, thus the depressurisation of the lobby is avoided, which might otherwise lead to it becoming smoke logged.

Using the Colt Shaft system enabled the smoke shaft to be reduced to 1m², which enabled significant additional space to be freed up. Colt provided the complete system of mechanical extract fans and terminations, dampers and grilles, pressure sensors and controls.

Project details
  • Location: Galway
  • Architect: Simon J Kelly
  • Fire Consultant: Jeremy Gardner Associates
Products used
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