Wexford Opera House

Colt worked with The Office of Public Works and Arup Consulting Engineers to design a suitable smoke control system for the new Wexford Opera House. Subsequently BMD Ltd awarded to Colt the contract to supply, install and commission this system. The design of the system had to take into account the need to meet with the requirements of Fire Consultant, to achieve a high degree of noise reduction and to blend the products into the building in an unobtrusive way.

Meteor natural acoustically treated smoke ventilators were installed above the main stage area, and a mechanical ventilation system was installed for the Auditorium and Second Space areas of the building. All of the ventilators are controlled using a Colt designed control panel and a pneumatic control system.

Project details
  • Location: Wexford
  • Main Contractor: Cleary & Doyle Contracting Ltd.
  • Architects: Keith Williams Architect
Products used
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